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The socialist history blog is being put together by members of the Socialist History Society and the London Socialist Historians’ Group as a message board for listings and information about forthcoming events, and as a forum where questions related to socialist history can be discussed. Comments and listings from our readers are positively welcomed.

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  1. 1 david morgan
    2 June 2010 at 11:31 pm

    It is with immense sadness that we learn of the death of Jim Fyrth, one of our most distinguished members who made an enormous contribution to the work of the SHS and its predecessor over many decades.
    Jim served on the committee of the SHS for many years and only stepped down latterly because of ill health. He remained keenly interested in the activities of the Society.
    We send condolences to his family.
    Details of the funeral will be made available shortly.

    A brief biography for those who did not know him.
    Jim Fyrth

    A distinguished Marxist historian and teacher specialising in British trade union and labour history of the 20th century. He took a particular interest in the Spanish Civil War, a subject on which he produced two books, one co-edited with Sally Alexander.
    He was an active member of the SHS and its predecessor and a frequent contributor to Socialist History Society publications. He was also active in the Society for the Study of Labour History and contributed to the Dictionary of Labour Biography.

    His Main Publications
    An Indian Landscape 1944-1946, SHS OP 2001.
    The Foundry Workers: A Trade Union History, 1959
    Labour’s High Noon: Government and Economy, 1945-1951, editor, 1993
    Labour’s Promised Land? Culture and Society in Labour Britain, 1945-1951, editor, 1995
    The Signal was Spain: The Spanish Aid Movement in Britain, 1936-1939, 1985
    Women’s Voices of the Spanish Civil War, co-editor with Sally Alexander, 1991
    Britain, Fascism and the Popular Front, editor, 1985

    I feel privileged to have known him.

    David Morgan
    SHS Secretary

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